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Telluride Real Estate

Surrounded by canyon walls, the Town of Telluride is only about one square mile in size, with its nearest traffic light 37 miles away. It’s an inherently spectacular place, paired with an entirely genuine demeanor. Telluride’s well preserved, protected Victorian architecture is unassumingly hidden at 8,750 feet beneath the jagged and precipitous San Juan Mountains. Sitting at the foot of a world-class ski resort, Telluride offers internationally-renowned cultural festivals and events, fine dining, shops, and galleries. Walking from town, there is access to over a dozen different hiking trails that lead you to miles of high alpine terrain. And its overzealous enthusiasm for the outdoors and close-knit, progressive and conscientious community are both fronted by a small-town charm where familiar faces constitute virtually everyone. Although Telluride’s resident population is only about 2,500, those who visit once, or live here part time, could likely attest that hundreds, even thousands, more would love to call it home.